Ground activities - Hippotherapy

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Ground activities

The activity involves getting the horse ready for the next work phase with the horse and lasts around 15 minutes.

The aim of this phase is to get to know the horse and gain confidence with it, as well as becoming familiar with the body, which entails:

- perception and representation of the student's body through comparison with the horse's body
- the development of balance and laterality.

In particular, the student takes care of so-called grooming and cleaning of the horse, which involves using:

- currycomb, used with circular movements to lift and remove dust;
- scrubbing brush, for long movements with a certain force in the same direction as the coat in order to eliminate coarse dirt;
- hoof pick, used to clean the hoof;
- mane comb, used for the mane and tail;
- damp sponge, for cleaning the eyes, nostrils and mouth
- and wand, useful for removing water or sweat after a ride.

After grooming and cleaning students take care of saddling the horse.

During these activities, students compare their bodies to the horses, assimilating this information and becoming aware of their own bodies, learning all of the technical terms for equestrian equipment and the individual horse body parts and stimulating autonomy and independence in completing their duties.